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Special Guest Denis Escolero

Special Guest Denis Escolero

**Parental Advisory: we say some bad words on this ep**

On this episode we chat it up with our first special guest post-acquirement!

Do Good: waiting for info..didn't mean to publish oopsie!!

Important stuff:

  • New segments!! Grinding Our Gears, Mr. Know It All

  • Live show: 7:30 PM, Thu, June 27, 2019 at DC Comedy Loft and Bier Baron Tavern! Get your tix before they sell out!

  • Employment Opportunity! We are still looking for an intern: we will pay you 10 cents per tweet, up to 5 tweets per day.

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LIVE: CentroNia at Bier Baron Tavern

LIVE: CentroNia at Bier Baron Tavern

Episode New.1: How tired are we!

Episode New.1: How tired are we!