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Episode New.1: How tired are we!

Episode New.1: How tired are we!

Annnddd we're back!

At long last we've returned to bring you the freshest content! This episode is legit but contains no guests because we just had too much to talk about ourselves #narcissists

Do Good: On June 12, Habitat for Humanity International's first national advocacy campaign to address home affordability officially launched! The campaign name? COST OF HOME ! While Lauren was instrumental in the build out of this campaign, all opinions are her own!

Feel Good: The gang is back together and recording again.

Important stuff:

  • New segments!! Shoot That Was Stupid, How Tired Are We?

  • Live show announcement! waiting for Chris to give me content

  • Employment Opportunity! We are looking for an intern: we will pay you 10 cents per tweet, up to 5 tweets per day.

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Special Guest Denis Escolero

Special Guest Denis Escolero

GCDC Presents: The Learning Curve

GCDC Presents: The Learning Curve