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Filler Ep: Whole 30 and #Spencerisntreal

THIS IS THE BEST FILLER EP YET - real episode returning next week!

Please help us engage in the social experiment! We are trying to see if we can get money from Jon Lovett's podcast promo code: spencer isnt real. try to use it where ever you can - like just try it on all the sites that usually sponsor podcasts or anywhere on the internet, I'm pretty sure they will work. Regardless of where you try it, take a screenshot and tag @JonLovett and @crookedmedia using the hashtag #SpencerisntrealAsk him to please donate all money from that sale to the Do Good Feel Good show. Even if you don't buy anything!

He can contact me to do the transfer here:

Instagram: dogoodfeelgoodshow

twitter: @dogoodshow


GCDC Presents: The Learning Curve

GCDC Presents: The Learning Curve

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