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LIVE: Habitat for Humanity's Disaster Relief Efforts with Erin Goodyear

LIVE: Habitat for Humanity's Disaster Relief Efforts with Erin Goodyear

Do Good: This show benefited Habitat for Humanity International's Disaster Response Fund. We interviewed the amazing, knowledgeable, and dedicated Erin Goodyear.

Through Habitat’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Response program, Habitat provides shelter assistance, education, training and partnerships to the affected individuals who find themselves in unthinkable situations.When a disaster strikes, the loss of a home can leave you at your most vulnerable. Habitat works to rebuild communities in these circumstances, moving them from ruin to recovery.

In the face of disaster, Habitat for Humanity International provides:

  • Housing needs arising from natural disasters and emergency conflicts, including sustainable shelter and housing solutions.

  • Education, training and partnership solutions to those in need of our relief services.

  • Expertise in technical information, program design and implementation, and disaster response policies, protocols and procedures.

  • Preventative support and information for disaster-prone areas.

  • Year-round preparedness efforts to ensure we are ready when something happens.

The most basic needs become both scarce and dire in the event of an emergency: health, water, shelter, sanitation, livelihoods, safety and education, among others. Habitat believe that safe, reliable shelter provides the foundation from which all of these things can begin to reemerge during the relief and rebuilding process.

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