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Episode 10.1: The First Date

Episode 10.1: The First Date


To celebrate our 10th episode, we bring you a live recording of a first date! Most of the usual segments are included but with more flirty and #cringeworthy moments. We had to split this into two eps because like most first dates, you have to wait a while to figure out if it will go anywhere!

Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wiiiiillld ride

On this sode we take a romantic journey into the world of:

  1. Lauren's adorable (?) first date with "Band Guy" aka "Hinge Guy" aka Andy

  2. Andy isn't just Band Guy, he is a legit musician! Check out his band: Oh He Dead

  3. typical first date questions

  4. the most EPIC #dogood this show has ever heard!

  5. impaled chest cavities

  6. and of course, Zendaya is Meechee

Do Good: Shout out to Neil! For a mere $30 per month you can sponsor a child's education, food, etc, through Children International. "I now know what it's gonna be like to have a kid!" -Andy

Feel Good: we are on a freaking date, yall!

Let us know what you think! Should we go out on another date? This isn't about us, it's allllll about the fans.

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Episode 10.2: The First Date (pt 2)

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