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Episode 12: Introducing THE campaign and Date Club

This episode is #thrilling! We're coming atcha 3 days late because we have some very, very exciting news that can't be shared until the release of a real do good initiative:

Hop in your ride-share car and pick up the following sound passengers along the way:

  1. Two Uber initiatives that are really benefiting the world

  2. Tips on manifesting the love your life via VIBRATION

  3. Red-flags and no no's on dating apps

  4. The introduction of our mini-series on love, leading up to Valentine's day (name tbd)

  5. More sound effects than EVER BEFORE

Do Good: Step Up to the Plate: Uber is partnering with Meals on Wheels to help drive out hunger for seniors in communities across the country by organizing volunteers and donating rides, meals, and care packages. Learn more about the Step up to the Plate campaign and how you can join the cause!

Feel Good: we painting yall

instagram: dogoodfeelgoodshow

twitter: @nomistakkes


ps. Hinge, still happy to receive that sponsorship

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Episode 11: Put the Damn Bag Down - My dad's story.