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Episode 11: Put the Damn Bag Down - My dad's story.

Episode 11: Put the Damn Bag Down - My dad's story.

DISCLAIMER: We did this ep remotely and editing it was FREAKING ROUGH!!!!!! But it's worth it #trust.

I've said this before but this is the most legit and super raw, super real, #feelzheavy episode we've ever produced. I've actually never said that ... so just you wait

In this episode you'll hop aboard the long and winding road to recovery, discovering the following treasures along your way:

  1. An introduction to "Lauren's Gay Dad"

  2. Real life pain, shame, and hate

  3. Real life love, joy, and self-discovery

  4. Trash bags you don't need

  5. My dad's butt tattoo

  6. A reiteration that YES, I am still completely datable.. maybe even MORE datable for this experience.. experts say.

  7. Sometimes all you really need to feel whole, is to find and be your true self.

  8. We love each other!

Do Good: If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance abuse disorder, you are not alone! Regardless of your ability to pay you can seek help from SAMHSA . We also weren't joking when we said you can contact us. I'm no expert, but I've got pretty good ears! Shout out to La Fuente for helping my dad find himself.

Feel Good: we are talking on the phone

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twitter: @nomistakkes


dad's website:

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