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Episode 10.2: The First Date (pt 2)

DISCLAIMER: This episode features real people (us), not actors. Even though we sound like we are rehearsing a screenplay, what you're about to hear is nothing but pure, RAW, beautiful first date banter. Enjoy!

In the second part of our first date things. get. WILD. After a quick recap from last week, the date swiftly spins in a new direction... and now the fate of Lauren's dating life is in your hands! Tune in and weigh in to help her make the biggest decision of her life.

As we continue our journey to ultimate romance we first make the following pit stops along the way:

  1. A groundbreaking first podcast dating competition (we think)

  2. Vinny, Tony, Tony, Tony, and Tony

  3. Fish Guy Larry

  4. The complete cycle of #widow2hole

  5. Annie's Sannies

  6. Andy's grammatically correct and pretty extensive mission statement.

Alright yall, Lauren has been presented with a smorgasbord of very, VERY qualified suitors! Who should she choose? Will Andy be the ultimate winner? Only you can decide, we do it for the fans.

Do Good:  (reoccurring do good) Shout out to Neil! For a mere $30 per month you can sponsor a child's education, food, etc, through Children International. "I now know what it's gonna be like to have a kid!" -Andy

Feel Good: we are STILL on a freaking date, yall!

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Episode 11: Put the Damn Bag Down - My dad's story.

Episode 11: Put the Damn Bag Down - My dad's story.

Episode 10.1: The First Date

Episode 10.1: The First Date