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Episode 9: Volun-date: The dating app inspired by service

Comin atcha a day late but not a moment to soon, we kept yall waiting so you could feast your ears on all of this wonderful stuff!

On this sode we take a deep dive intooo:

  1. The controversial topic of international service

  2. Welcoming two returning co-hosts: Neysha Bauer and Tom Brewer

  3. A new dating app: Voluntdate

  4. the scary truth about the scary side of nonprofits, keeping your money in the scary shadows

  5. the most devastating shit corner of my life

  6. Our live audience, Hanna, laughs once.

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Do Good: Do your homework before donating your time or $$$ to a charity through Guidestar.. Then, find Neysha on the latest craze in online dating apps, VOLUNDATE, and join her at the Northern Virginia Literacy Council!

Feel Good: we eat delicious beyond burgers!!

ps. beyond burger please sponsor us

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